Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle App Reviews

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Brilliant and inspiring

I can't praise this app too highly: unlike many science apps it is cleanly designed, not turned into an edutainment science light experience for children, but still beautiful and accessible for a wide audience. Outstanding!


Awesome app! Love that you can watch it where ever without any wifi and the app includes great graphics and info on Ascent!

Wonderful video

I would give the app 5 stars if AirPlay worked. I want to watch it again on my tv through AppleTV. Running 6.1.3, the most up to date software at the time of the writing and sound for AirPlay works but not the video. Incredible footage, well done video. Looking forward to watching again and again and learning so much more about this incredible wonder!

Jaw Dropping Video

This is an absolutely amazing video documenting our space shuttles with official slow motion footage from the launch pad. Seeing it as never before, puts me in a state of awe. Thanks NASA!

Why no sound?

And how do you get sound to this video?

Simply incredible footage!!

Too bad it does have sound of the actual engine burns at launch. Airplay and Bluetooth both work fine on the New iPad on iOS 5.1.1. The app, however, is not multitasking compliant. If you recall it from the background it goes back to he main menu. Incredible slow motion video. More please! :-)


This is an amazing app that shows 45 minutes of different views from shuttle launches. If you have the time I recommend getting this and watching it. The images in it are fantastic, one of the coolest apps out there.

Please update with better quality!

5 stars because I love it. However the video is still pixelated. Please release a retina display version of this video! Thank you :)


Thank you to NASA and the producers for sharing this inspiring high quality footage! Outstanding!

Wow. Just Wow.

Totally should cost 1.99

Engineering & artistic heaven

How I appreciate this! 45 minutes of shuttle launch HD video, over 30 clips from various cameras around the launch perimeter, narrated by NAS aerospace engineers. I learned so much, and the imagery is beyond belief, much of it >400 frames/sec. My absolute favorite "app" although I actually think of it as my favorite "movie" of all time.

No AirPlay?

Great app but why doesn't AirPlay work? 5 stars if I could use AirPlay!


Amazing shots of shuttle launches you've never seen before. It is beautiful! Can't believe how much power it takes to get off this planet! You will be in awe!


Love ittt

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